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Tension grows in US-Hungary diplomatic relations

April 12th, 2023

A liberal columnist expects the US Ambassador to announce sanctions against Hungarian personalities, as relations between the two governments have deteriorated further over the past few
On 444, Péter Magyari quotes unnamed diplomatic sources who suggest that the Biden administration is growing increasingly irritated by Hungary’s behaviour over the war in Ukraine and its unwillingness to reduce co-operation with Russia. Moreover, he writes, the US Embassy believes that the pro-government Hungarian press spreads Russian propaganda about the war. Magyari mentions that during his recent stay in Washington, Ambassador Pressman met Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, although ambassadors usually talk to lower ranking State Department officials. He also reports on a rumour that has been spreading in diplomatic circles for weeks now, about possible US sanctions to be imposed on leading Hungarian officials. Magyari thinks Mr Pressman might well announce such measures at his press conference on Wednesday.

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