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Mesterházy leaves the MSZP

April 6th, 2023

The pro-government print daily devotes three comments in a single day to the decision by the former MSZP Chairman to leave the Socialist Party after 23 years in its ranks.

In Magyar Nemzet, Ádám Bakonyi enumerates six former prominent Socialist personalities who have left their party over the past five years. His article is published under the headline ‘Slowly but surely, the MSZP is disappearing’.

In another Magyar Nemzet column, György Pilhál pokes fun at Mesterházy’s announcement that he couldn’t identify anymore with the line followed by the MSZP which resulted in a tragic loss of influence. ‘As if he had no role in the MSZP’s decline’, Pilhál remarks.

In his Magyar Nemzet editorial, Ottó Gajdics calls his own column ‘the MSZP’s obituary’ and expresses high skepticism over Mesterházy’s decision to found a new party – one more left-wing party among the many that already exist and bring the opposition not one step nearer to victory.

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