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Are the strategies of PM Orbán and President Macron alike?

April 25th, 2023

An international affairs analyst sees similarities between the views of the two leaders, but only in their refusal to be subservient to the United States.

On Index, Viktor Buzna suggests that the leaders of Hungary and France follow similar international strategies. When, upon his return from Beijing, President Macron said that Europe should not be Washington’s vassal, the mainstream media condemned him in unison. Buzna compares such echoes to the angry reaction by the Hungarian liberal media to PM Orbán’s statement that Hungary should not get involved in a ‘new cold war’ with two great blocks confronting each other (see BudaPost, January 10). He believes nevertheless that while the two leaders agree on the importance of not simply toeing the line traced by the United States, their concepts are not compatible. Mr Orbán, in fact, spoke in terms of national sovereignty, while Mr Macron urged a concerted independent strategy on the European level.

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