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Twin-tailed Dog Party slammed for ‘playing into Fidesz’s hands’

March 15th, 2023

A liberal pundit doesn’t believe that a party solely based on vitriolic sarcasm can advance the cause of democracy.

On the Heti Világgazdaság website, Sándor Révész is alarmed by the surprisingly high score of the Twin-tailed Dog party in the latest Medián public opinion poll. They were funny, Révész writes, as long as they weren’t a real party. But at the last elections, they got over 185,000 votes – a net loss for the opposition. With nine percent of the votes, which Medián suggests they would garner if elections were held today, he writes, the party which makes fun of all the others would suddenly find itself as just another party that does not fulfil its promises. Their humorous program points which parody the promises of ‘serious’ parties, including ‘free beer for everyone’ and ‘eternal life for all Hungarians’ will, of course, never materialise. They practically promise ‘nothing’, and ‘nothing’ will never yield ‘something’, Révész concludes. Least of all a democratic Hungary.

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