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Fidesz still far ahead in polls, despite spreading gloom

March 31st, 2023

A liberal analyst finds a striking contradiction between growing public pessimism about their own prospects and the continued support the ruling party enjoys among voters.

On Hírklikk, András Pulai, head of the Publicus think tank remarks that Fidesz has not only managed to maintain its dominant position among political parties in Hungary but has even reconquered hundreds of thousands of less decided supporters who had grown disillusioned by last Autumn.  He is certain that the ruling party would win a comfortable majority in Parliament if elections were held today. Meanwhile, two parallel polls suggest that 84 percent of the population believes that ‘things are moving in the wrong direction’ and that the current crisis is ‘very or rather grave’. Pulai deduces from these data that the faith of Fidesz believers in their party is too strong for them to turn against it, while the rest of the voters simply don’t see a convincing alternative to Fidesz within the opposition.

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