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More opinions on the EU corruption scandal

February 3rd, 2023

A left-wing commentator wonders what more the EU could do to curb corruption within its own ranks. A pro-government columnist dismisses the EU corruption investigation as a farce.

In a long essay on 24.hu, Zsolt Kerner wonders what the EU could do to combat the corruption within. The left-wing commentator explains that not only MEPs have been bribed by non-EU countries, but some NGOs have also received money to whitewash the human rights records of third countries – or to accuse the adversaries of their clients of violating human rights. (On the EU corruption scandal, see BudaPost December 20.) He notes that the scandal is a gift for the Hungarian government, so often criticized by the European Parliament. Kerner does not, however, explore any potential remedies for the corruption within the EU.

In Magyar Nemzet, Attila Bánó likens the ongoing EU corruption saga to a soap opera. The pro-government columnist writes that Eva Kaili’s statements and efforts to clear herself of corruption accusations both completely ridiculous and incoherent. He finds it fascinating that Kaili, while apparently knowing nothing of the bags of money deposited in her own apartment, claimed to be perfectly abreast of Hungarian matters, when along with other left-wing MEPs, she supported the Sargentini report and other EP resolutions accusing Hungary of corruption and rule of law infringements.

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