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Liberal writer fears Third World War

February 9th, 2023

On a left-liberal website, a well-known expert on Russian history and culture fears that the war in Ukraine may degenerate into a larger conflagration.

In a long interview with 24.hu, Ákos Szilágyi, a prolific writer and expert in Russia studies, warns that with no solution for the Ukraine war in sight, the fighting may spill over to neighbouring countries. If that happens, the use of nuclear weapons may become inevitable, he believes. He condemns Russia for invading Ukraine but sees the conflict as an East-West confrontation rather than a bilateral one between Ukraine and Russia. As the West is committed to one side in the war, he continues, it cannot act as a mediator or arbiter, and no one else has stepped forward for that role. Meanwhile, he warns, the conflict has already involved dozens of countries in the form of economic warfare. Unless someone pops up with a solution to stop the carnage, Szilágyi fears the war could first spill over into neighbouring countries, then degenerate into World War Three.

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