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Jobbik changes name

February 28th, 2023

Neither a pro-government nor a left-wing commentator believe that Jobbik can turn the tide and end its decline by rebranding itself as a conservative party.

Magyar Nemzet’s Dávid Megyeri finds it a mere PR-stunt that Jobbik has changed its name to ‘Jobbik – Conservatives’. The pro-government columnist underlines that Jobbik participated in the opposition alliance with left-wing and liberal parties. Megyeri suspects that conservatism is gaining popularity in Hungary and in Europe among parties that have very little to do with conservative ideas. As another example, Megyeri mentions the European People’s Party’s decision to support erecting fences on the borders of the EU, after staunchly opposing such initiatives for years. Megyeri, however, is confident that voters cannot be duped by such U-turns and rebranding projects.

In a short Facebook comment, Attila Tibor Nagy notes that since 1989, all parties which have included the adjective ‘conservative’ in their names, failed dismally. The left-leaning political analyst believes that in the absence of a charismatic leader, Jobbik is unlikely to end its decline by renaming itself as a conservative party.