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A leftist take on extremist street violence

February 15th, 2023

An alt-left commentator fears that the recent violent street attacks by mostly foreign individuals will help the far-right stigmatize peaceful antifascist activists in Hungary.

On Mérce, Gáspár Papp predicts that the violent attacks over the week-end (for recent attacks by mostly foreign left-and right wing extremists see BudaPost February 14) will be exploited by the far-right in Hungary. The alt-left commentator praises antifascist activism in general, and welcomes the support given by foreign organizations to the small Hungarian antifascist groups, which, he claims that did not engage in street fighting. Papp condemns the foreign perpetrators of the weekend street attacks against suspected far-right sympathisers, arguing that they did a great disservice to their own antifascist cause. He wonders if the government will emulate the rhetoric of far-right commentators, who’ve seized the opportunity to mobilize against ‘antifascist terrorism’ and threaten peaceful left-wing, anti-capitalist activists.

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