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A conservative take on the Davos World Economic Forum

January 25th, 2023

A right-wing economist sees the traditional Davos forum as a gathering of an elite that wants to run the world, pushing elected leaders into the background.

In Magyar Hírlap, veteran economist Károly Lóránt agrees with the overwhelming majority of respondents to a question by Twitter-owner Elon Musk, who asked them whether the Davos élite should run the world. 86 percent of respondents on Twitter expressed reservations about the world elite who gather each year (since 1971) in the Swiss mountain resort. Lóránt suggests that individual countries, as well as alliances like the European Union, are increasingly under the domination of a ‘plutocracy’ of unelected financial institutions. Without explicitly mentioning the Ukraine war, he fears that Europe’s leaders might provoke a nuclear conflagration. The western part of Europe, he writes, had better realise ‘what their one-time democracy has become, before this incompetent bunch lead the world into a nuclear war’.

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