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PM Orbán declines doorstep after morning mass

December 17th, 2022

Opinions diverge on whether it was ill-bred of a journalist to try and interview the Prime Minister as he was leaving a church service.

On two consecutive mornings early this week, Prime Minister Orbán was approached by a Telex reporter while leaving the daily pre-Christmas morning mass and asked several questions about politics, whereupon he replied: ‘Man, I am just leaving church!’ His press secretary asked the reporter to respect the PM’s private programme.

On 444, Márk Herczeg doubts if the PM was really on a ‘private programme’ as he left the church, since he was accompanied by his office’s video crew. He also remarks that Mr Orbán never gives interviews to critical news outlets.

On Mandiner, Bence Apáti mentions cases when socialist politicians fled right-wing journalists who tried to put awkward questions to them. He doesn’t understand why, after that, opposition commentators are upset at the attitude of the Prime Minister, who felt the attitude of a journalist invasive.

The same website quotes a Facebook post by right-wing journalist Dániel Bohár who admits to having stopped several left-wing luminaries on the street, but believes there are certain situations when public personalities should not be approached by the media. He cites as examples occasions when politicians are accompanied by their children. He believes that the same applies to someone on his way out of church.

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