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US midterm elections expected to impact war in Ukraine 

November 8th, 2022

A pro-government and a left-wing commentator ponder the potential implications of the US midterm elections on the war in Ukraine.

Magyar Hírlap’s László Bogár writes that the US midterm elections will shed light on how the “invisible global power superstructure” plans to continue or end the Ukraine war. The pro-government analyst believes that US elections show up the dynamics of the ‘hidden forces’ which manipulate public opinion and take decisions on the main geopolitical and economic issues of our time. Bogár speculates that the likely takeover of the US Congress by Republicans will result in a shift in the interests of the “hidden global background powers,” whom he believes ignited the Ukraine war and who now want to create a new world order through making peace in Ukraine.

In Népszava, István Dobozi believes that the midterm elections will determine the future of US support to Ukraine. The left-wing commentator remarks that the Republicans, whom he expects to win a majority both in the House and the Senate, have already announced plans to cut funding for Ukraine – as well as military and political support, particularly if the economic outlook remains sluggish in the US.