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Uncertainty over EU funding

November 24th, 2022

A left-wing columnist accuses the government of jeopardizing Hungary’s access to EU funds. A conservative commentator, on the other hand, contends that the opposition wants to harm the country by trying to convince the EU to withhold Hungary’s EU money.

Népszava’s Tamás Rónay accuses the government of risking access to EU funding. The left-wing commentator fears that despite the government’s efforts to meet the European Union’s rule of law criteria, Prime Minister Orbán’s constant criticism of ‘Brussels’, the veto of the EU’s proposed Ukraine aid, and ‘pro-Russian propaganda’ all jeopardize EU funding. Rónay speculates that the government may even risk insolvency for the sake of a mindless propaganda war.

In Magyar Hírlap, Károly Bán accuses the European Parliament and the Hungarian opposition of trying to block Hungary’s EU funding. The conservative columnist writes that the Hungarian opposition is working overtime to convince the EU that it should punish Hungary by withholding financial support. Meanwhile, he continues, the opposition blames the government for the suspension of the funds. If the opposition succeeds and the EU does not approve the transfer of funding, Hungary and Hungarians will suffer, Bán concludes.

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