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Trump compared to Gyurcsány

November 18th, 2022

A conservative analyst believes that the Republicans are doomed to lose the next presidential election if Donald Trump wins the GOP nomination.

Mandiner’s Gellért Raksányi thinks that Donald Trump did a favour to Democrats by announcing his intention to run for President in 2024. Mr Trump, he writes, was certainly vocal but achieved little of substance as President – and has more opponents than supporters in America. Rajcsányi suggests that Mr Trump is the only Republican that Joe Biden could defeat and sees Trump as more of a challenge to the Republicans than to the Democrats. He acknowledges that the former president transformed the Republican Party into something more radical than before, and for that very reason, the GOP will find it hard to get rid of him. That story reminds Rajcsányi of Ferenc Gyurcsány’s role within the Hungarian Left. The vocal DK leader failed in his job as Prime Minister but remains a dominant figure within the opposition, while he is opposed by the majority of the electorate. His presence as a leader will for the foreseeable future condemn the Left to lose one election after another, Rajcsányi writes.

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