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Opposition deemed weightless and irrelevant

November 25th, 2022

An independent political analyst contends that as the opposition has failed to mount a credible challenge to the government, its last hope is that the government’s popularity will be eroded by external geopolitical or economic difficulties.

In an interview with Inforádió, political analyst Gábor Török claims that the opposition is unlikely to challenge the government any time soon. Opposition parties are weightless, barely visible to the public, Török maintains, and even when they do appear, they fail to give the impression of a credible alternative to the current government. As examples, Török mentions Péter Márki-Zay’s foreign campaign financing scandal (see BudaPost September 29 and September 1) and the opposition parties’ internal rivalry for dominance.  Török goes on to point out that the government’s popularity can only be weakened by the implications of the Ukraine war, dissatisfied teachers, its disputes with the EU and the economic slowdown. The opposition’s only hope, he thinks, is that one of these challenges shakes the government’s popularity and saves the opposition parties from sinking into complete irrelevance.

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