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EU accused of double standards

November 14th, 2022

A pro-government commentator accuses the EU of using double standards – and singling out Hungary for defending its national interest and opposing sanctions on Russia.

In Magyar Demokrata, Levente Szikra, an analyst of the pro-government think tank Center for Fundamental Rights, accuses the EU of using double standards in implementing sanctions on Russia. The conservative pundit believes that the EU leadership is singling out Hungary and less developed states who oppose EU sanctions on Russia in the the name of their national interest, while it makes concessions to western European member states that do exactly the same. As an example, Szikra mentions that the Netherlands waived the ban on dozens of Russian companies in order to secure imports. In light of this, Szikra finds it absurd that the Hungarian government that opposes sanctions that would severely harm Hungary’s national interest is accused of being pro-Russian.

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