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Waste collection in Budapest halted for one day

October 8th, 2022

A pro-government commentator calls the stoppage of garbage collection scandalous. He lays the blame for the strike at the doorstep of the Mayor, whom he describes as unfit for his job.

The binmen of Budapest went on strike on Thursday to underscore their demand for higher wages. Late on Thursday afternoon they reached a temporary agreement with the management and resumed work on Friday. The binmen of the southern Hungarian city of  Pécs also held a one-day strike in solidarity with their Budapest colleagues.

In Magyar Nemzet, Gábor Schmidt calls Gergely Karácsony a ‘shadow of a Mayor’ who is unable to solve the problems of the capital and regularly blames either his predecessor or the government for anything that doesn’t work in Budapest. Schmidt quotes DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsány asking whether the Mayor should run the city or organise political protests against the government. In a recent interview, the leader of the Democratic Coalition also declined to say whether he would support Karácsony’s candidacy for Mayor in two years’ time. The commentator predicts that after forming a shadow government (see BudaPost, September 22), the DK will soon come forward with its own shadow Mayor as well.

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