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Serbia to build oil pipeline to Hungary

October 11th, 2022

A pro-government columnist sees the new Serbian-Hungarian pipeline project announced over the weekend as a milestone in relations between the two countries.

In Magyar Nemzet, Károly Pósa sees Serbia’s decision to build a new pipeline to Hungary to connect with the existing Russian Druzhba (Friendship)pipeline, as signalling a strong improvement in Hungarian-Serbian relations. The pro-government columnist recalls that the two countries have a history full of conflicts. The two sovereignist governments led by PM Orbán and President Vucic have overcome historical animosity and brokered deals that are beneficial to both countries, including the decision to build a new railway connecting Budapest and Belgrade as well as the pipeline project, which will make Russian oil directly available to Serbia. Pósa suggests that rather than seeking accession to the EU, which in his view is in any case only a remote possibility, Serbia should join the Visegrád group along with Austria and even Italy, to create a strong coalition grounded on mutual respect.

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