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Prominent left-wing author lambasts the PM

October 18th, 2022

A veteran left-wing commentator accuses PM Orbán of playing to the gallery instead of trying to co-operate with the opposition to face the deepening crisis.

In Hírklikk, Péter Németh describes the Prime Minister as a leader who takes decisions without delegating power to others, but believes that today’s hardships should prompt him to adopt a different attitude. Instead, he laments, Mr Orbán is doubling down on his usual tactics and concentrates on propaganda. This is how Németh interprets the real meaning of the National Consultation on EU sanctions on Russia, as well as the Prime Minister’s directive that inflation should be halved next year (see BudaPost, October 17). Such initiatives are meant to promote his own power aura, rather than tackle real problems,  Németh writes, but he predicts that they will not prevent catastrophe.

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