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PM Orbán condemns Russian aggression

October 15th, 2022

A left-wing commentator accuses the Prime Minister of ‘doublespeak’. A pro-government blogger, on the other hand, finds Prime Minisnter Orbán’s messages both consistent and clear.

Népszava’s Zoltán Batka commenting on PM Orbán’s Tuesday stage performance in Berlin (see BudaPost October 14accuses the Prime Minister of ‘doublespeak’. The left-wing columnist recalls that in Berlin, PM Orbán called the Ukraine war a Russian aggression and likened the offensive to the 1956 Russian attack on Hungary. Batka also notes that PM Orbán struck a softer tone then usual when he suggested that EU sanctions on Russia should not be completely revoked but rather just revised. Batka thinks that the tone of these messages is in stark contrast with the Prime Minister’s much harsher words on Ukraine and the EU sanctions when he addresses Hungarian audiences.

On 888.hu, Dániel Bohár deems Prime Minister Orbán’s statements consistent with his earlier statements. The pro-government blogger writes that Prime Minister Orbán made it clear to the German audience that he puts the Hungarian national interest first, rather than taking sides in the Russian-Ukrainian war. In an aside, Bohár suggests that left-wing commentators miss the message, as they do not even know what the national interest means. Bohár concludes by calling Prime Minister Orbán ‘Europe’s most sincere and important politician’.

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