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’Partizán’ posts film about ’the agony of the MSZP’

October 22nd, 2022

The nationwide left-wing daily suspects a deliberate political design behind a documentary by an opposition-minded influencer, who depicts the Socialist Party on the verge of extinction.

Márton Gulyás is a former anti-government activist who now runs a popular Youtube channel called “Partizán” where he expresses opinions sharply critical of the government. In the documentary, he interviews a series of former and present Socialist Party officials. He has entitled the resulting film ‘The Agony of the MSZP’. (The electoral base of the Socialist Party, which provided four prime ministers between 1994 and 2010, is currently measured by various polling agencies at from 1 to 6 percent).

In Népszava, editor Péter Németh finds it tasteless of Gulyás to launch his video in a building which was formerly the headquarters of the MSZP. He also finds it strange that a documentary practically announcing the death of the Socialist Party was launched just a few days before this weekend’s MSZP congress. That might be pure coincidence, Németh writes, but not without expressing the suspicion that ‘a deliberate partisan move’ is behind it. He nevertheless does not name any rival organization that might wish the MSZP to disappear from the scene.

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