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Opposition ‘still in a quagmire’

October 27th, 2022

Six months after the Parliamentary election, a conservative analyst ponders the strategies of the opposition parties and their chances of challenging Fidesz in the 2024 European Parliamentary and local elections.

On Mandiner, Gábor Nagy wonders whether the opposition will mount a serious challenge to Fidesz in the 2024 municipal and European Parliamentary elections. The conservative analyst remarks that while the Democratic Coalition has created its own ‘shadow cabinet’, the smaller opposition parties are trying to distance themselves from former PM Ferenc Gyurcsány’s party. In the runup for the European Parliamentary elections and municipal elections due in one and a half years, Nagy suspects, the opposition will only set up a loose coalition. Running separately under the current rules, the opposition parties would not stand a chance to challenge Fidesz, so they will need to agree on joint candidates which will be a tough challenge. Nagy notes that Ferenc Gyurcsány’s participation in the opposition is another huge dilemma, as the former Prime Minister is inevitably the most important person on the Left, but at the same time, he is a deeply divisive politician. Concerning the implications for Fidesz, Nagy suggests that the governing party will have to make sure that Our Homeland runs separately as a third competitor to divide opposition voters.

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