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Fears over Europe’s future

October 13th, 2022

Right-wing commentators accuse the West in general and European leaders in particular of ignoring geopolitical realities as well as their own national interests by refusing to compromise with Russia.

Magyar Hírlap’s László Bogár accuses European leaders, most importantly the German government, of serving US interests rather than those of their own people. The right-wing economist who often criticizes the US and global economic powers of nefarious conspiracies, thinks that the Ukraine war serves only US interests, as it cuts Europe off from cheap Russian energy. Unless Germany and other EU governments make a U-turn and put the interests of their own people first rather than being subservient to the US, European nations will become even more defenseless, powerless – and poor, Bogár concludes.

On Mandiner, László Bernát Veszprémy fears that Europe will face ‘a winter of anger’. The conservative historian claims that immigration-related violence and terrorism has already been a huge problem in Europe. Veszprémy wonders if these conflict-torn societies will prove strong enough to manage the potential waves of discontent resulting from high energy prices.

Writing on the same blog, Mátyás Kohán contends that without peace negotiations, the Ukraine conflict may escalate into a nuclear war. Kohán sees the Ukraine conflict as the result of the regional geopolitical competition between the US and Russia. Kohán fears that unless the ‘West’ makes compromises rather than trying to show force and defeat Russia, Moscow may decide to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. It is therefore in Europe’s best interest to start negotiations with Russia, he concludes.

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