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8 countries condemn the annexation of Ukrainian land by Russia

October 5th, 2022

A left-wing commentator finds it striking that the Hungarian President hasn’t joined her East European colleagues who strongly condemned Russia’s move to annex four Ukrainian regions.

In Népszava, Ágnes Huszár lists the eight Central and East European countries whose presidents vowed never to legitimise the annexation of the four Ukrainian regions to Russia. (The presidents of Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, the three Baltic countries, Northern Macedonia and Montenegro also supported Ukraine’s future accession to NATO and urged countries to step up arms supplies to Ukraine.) Huszár notes that Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary were the only three countries of the region missing from the list of signatories. (As were Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia – all NATO and EU member countries). The left-wing commentator reproaches President Katalin Novák for signing all bills submitted to her so far for approval and finds it shameful of her to miss this opportunity to condemn Russia’s illegal annexation of foreign land.

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