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Government announces new anti-corruption body

September 10th, 2022

A conservative commentator critical of the government thinks it unlikely that the government’s newly announced anti-corruption authority will be either independent or make the spending of EU funds any more transparent.

In a decree published on Monday, the government announced the establishment of a new anti-corruption authority. According to the decree, the role of the new independent authority (to be set up by December 1) will be to oversee the use of EU funds to meet the requirements of the EU to increase transparency.

In Magyar Hang, Ádám Tompos doubts the sincerity of the anti-corruption authority plan. He takes it for granted that the new authority will not be independent, by definition, as it will be set up by the government, and consequently will not make the spending of EU funds any more transparent. The government’s sole objective for the new body is to secure EU funding – rather than battle corruption, Tompos contends.


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