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Elizabeth II obituary

September 13th, 2022

The leading pro-government daily depicts the passing of Elizabeth II as the end of an era marked by great personalities and high culture.

In Magyar Nemzet, Zsolt Bayer describes an imaginary scene where all the great figures of British literature and the arts descend into the grave with the defunct monarch. In an article full of literary quotations, he pays tribute to erstwhile British Grandeur and deplores what he sees as today’s world marked by insignificant actors. As examples he mentions Meghan Markle and the Hungarian opposition-leaning commentator, Árpád W. Tóta. He recalls how during her visit to Budapest in 1993, the Queen told Hungarians: ‘You have the right to reclaim your place in the mainstream of European history and culture’. ‘Thank you, your Majesty but we would rather not’, Bayer replies in a clear reference to the ongoing culture war pitting the values and policies of the Hungarian government, against those of the European mainstream.

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