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DK shadow government holds first press conference

September 30th, 2022

A pro-government and a liberal commentator both think that the Democratic Coalition shadow government’s first press conference lacked political vision and content.

Magyar Hírlap’s László Petrin sees the Democratic Coalition’s shadow government (see BudaPost September 22) as a mere publicitzy stunt. The pro-government columnist accuses Klára Dobrev of using the shadow government to entrench her power and make sure that she can pass on the wealth and influence she inherited from her Communist leader parents. Concerning the press conference held on Monday, Petrin thinks that the DK shadow government has no vision and policy ideas beyond criticizing PM Orbán, and therefore it stands no chance to challenge the current government.

On 444.hu, Bence Horváth finds it disappointing of the DK to copy the government’s habit of holding regular press conferences. The liberal commentator also thinks that the DK shadow ministers who harshly criticized the government missed the opportunity to explain how they would tackle the multiple economic and social crises Hungary is facing. Horváth adds that some left-wing journalists attending the DK shadow press conference promoted opposition propaganda, he complains, rather than doing their job and asking genuine questions, very much like pro-government media outlets behave at the government’s press conferences.

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