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PM Orbán meets Donald Trump

August 5th, 2022

A pro-government and a liberal pundit both consider PM Orbán and Donald Trump close ideological partners.

Magyar Nemzet’s Zoltán Kottász sees PM Orbán and Donald Trump as natural allies. The pro-government pundit describes both politicians as supporters of international peace, as opposed to a Biden administration ‘that finances a horrible war in Europe’. Kottász adds that Orbán and Trump follow the same traditional patriotic and conservative ideology, rejecting mass immigration and progressive gender ideology – a stance that most European center-right forces have abandoned. Kottász agrees with Prime Minister Orbán that Donald Trump is an important and valuable ally for Hungary.

On 444.hu, Pál Dániel Rényi finds it strange and unusual that PM Orbán met former US President Trump rather than President Biden on his current trip. The liberal commentator considers it an important development that Mr Orbán was invited to address the Republican Party on Thursday in a keynote address at the CPAC conference in Dallas. Rényi also sees PM Orbán and Donald Trump as close ideological allies. He speculates that even if Donald Trump cannot return to power, PM Orbán will keep Trumpism alive in the world.

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