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No peace in sight in Ukraine

August 26th, 2022

A pro-government commentator excludes the possibility of a just peace in Ukraine. Meanwhile, he warns that the worst is still ahead, and not just for Ukrainians.

On Mandiner, Mátyás Kohán depicts a desolate picture of what Europe can expect over the next six months. People tend to believe that they are already suffering from the consequences of the war, in terms of galloping inflation and especially high energy prices, he writes, but this is just the beginning. The worst will start when energy supplies are rationed and the Euro sinks still further. Hungarians have already paid a heavy price, as their national currency has lost 20 percent of its value within a few months, he points out, while the government has used a good part of its development funds to subsidise household energy bills. In the meantime, a war of attrition drags on in Ukraine, an dalthough neither side can hope to win, neither take steps to put an end to the destruction. A just peace is impossible in Ukraine, Kohán declares. The fighting will only end when ’Russian resentment and Western arrogance somehow reach an equilibrium’, he suggests.

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