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Liz Truss’s nuclear remark sparks criticism

August 27th, 2022

A highly opinionated pro-government pundit sharply condemns the frontrunner in the race to become UK Prime Minister for her words about being ready to push the nuclear button ’if need be’.

Asked whether she would give the order ‘to unleash nuclear weapons’ in case she became Prime Minister, the current Foreign Secretary said ‘I think it’s an important duty of the prime minister and I’m ready to do it. I’m ready to do that’.

In a hot-tempered piece on the Magyar Nemzet website, Zsolt Bayer interprets Ms Truss’s reply as an expression of light-heartedness over the prospect of a nuclear catastrophe. He calls her Lizzy, defines her as ‘a public menace, a potential mass murderer’ and explains to her the consequences of the nuclear conflagration that he accuses her of being prepared to unleash. Finally, he approvingly quotes a Facebook post by former LMP leader András Schiffer, who said ‘Liz Truss should perhaps be summoned to the /International Criminal Court in the/ Hague for preparations for a crime against humanity, before she moves into Number 10 Downing Street’.

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