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Left-wing analysts on the dismal state of the opposition

July 1st, 2022

Two leftist political scientists describe the state of the opposition as critical, but one also believes the government will not withstand the trial of the coming years.

On Azonnali, Attila Tibor Nagy ascribes the massive opposition failure at last Sunday’s by-elections to the apathy into which their supporters have sunk after the defeat their parties suffered in the general elections on 3 April. He fears that ceaseless infighting among those parties might easily doom them to losing the big cities where their alliance won the local elections three years ago.

In Népszava, veteran Socialist political scientist Attila Ágh agrees with his colleague’s diagnosis but predicts that the government side will fail to tackle the current financial crisis, which will open new prospects for the opposition. At present, he explains, the government is trying to enact reforms to handle the country’s financial problems, but the centralized structure of the regime will not be able to cope with them, he believes. He also forecasts increasing clashes between the government and the European Union and a collapse of ‘the régime’ as a result. Ágh hopes that prospect will help the opposition overcome its present ‘lethargy’.

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