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Arguments against sanctions on Russia

July 20th, 2022

Two moderate analysts think that the EU needs to reconsider its insistence on anti-Russian sanctions – otherwise Europeans may revolt due to high energy prices.

On Index, Gyula Szabó thinks that the steep increase of energy prices may stir turmoil in Europe and turn Europeans against Ukraine. Szabó quotes a recent survey by the European Council on Foreign Relations, which found that two-thirds of Europeans blame the war on Russia and stand strongly with Ukraine, although with huge differences from one country to another. Szabó predicts that as the war drags on and energy prices increase further, Europeans may soon change their minds and start to advocate peace rather than supporting Ukraine’s war efforts and EU sanctions on Russia.

Mandiner’s Bálint Somkuti wonders if Europeans will revolt if they cannot heat their homes this winter. Somkuti, a security expert, recalls that EC Vice President Frans Timmermans expressed the fear of mass protests in Europe if Russia fails to deliver gas. Somkuti finds this scenario unlikely but not impossible. He hopes that European governments will change course and rethink sanctions against Russia, in order to keep energy prices low – and avoid a public backlash.

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