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Criticism of Ukraine’s accelerated EU accession

June 18th, 2022

A pro-government analyst depicts the EU plans to grant Ukraine fast track membership as an impossible enterprise.

On Mandiner, István Pócza understands the political motivation behind official declarations by EU leaders on swiftly accepting Ukraine as a candidate for EU membership, but sees no chance for the war-torn country to actually join the European Union in the foreseeable future. The European Union, he argues, even struggles to grant membership to the countries of the West Balkans which have lived in peace for almost thirty years. Therefore, Pócza writes, it is simply absurd to talk about offering membership to a country in the midst of a full-blown war. Ukraine, he continues, had a very poor rule of law record before the war, with high levels of corruption and unfair treatment of national minorities. He believes the war must be stopped and Ukraine should be rebuilt, before even putting the issue of EU membership on the agenda.

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