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Slim chances of a new right-wing coalition in Europe?

May 31st, 2022

A centrist pundit quotes two European political experts to suggest that, despite the decline of centre-right parties, traditionalist right-wing conservatives have not yet become more powerful, and even the creation of a new right-wing alliance is proving more difficult than expected.

On Index, Márton Sándor Németh ponders the chances of a new right-wing conservative coalition in Europe, as envisaged by Prime Minister Orbán in his speech at the CPAC meeting in Budapest (see BudaPost May 21). Németh recalls that Mr Orbán has so far not succeeded in creating a new right-wing alliance (see BudaPost April 7) since Fidesz quit the European People’s Party. But as the Prime Minister’s meeting with Marine Le Pen last Friday shows, Viktor Orbán has not given up on the idea. Quoting Patrik Szicherle, analyst of the liberal think tank Political Capital, Németh notes that the Ukraine war has created new divisions that make it even more difficult to unite parties to the right of the EPP. Németh also cites András Hajdú of the pro-government Matthias Corvinus Collegium, who thinks that the looming economic crisis and the disputes over Russian energy in Europe are deepening the cleavages between right-wing parties. Németh suggests that despite the decline of centre-right parties, more radical Right groupings have failed to build momentum.

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