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Pro-government columnist on the war in Ukraine

April 22nd, 2022

A conservative analyst finds the prospect of a prolonged war in Ukraine frightening and urges efforts to reach an early settlement.

Magyar Hírlap’s Marian Őry finds abhorrent a statement by German Foreign Minister Annelena Baerbock who said Germany was ready to provide military aid to Ukraine in the medium and the long run. Does she actually envisage a long-drawn-out war in Ukraine?, Őry asks. She quotes German Minister of the Economy Robert Habeck who invited the population to be more parsimonious in consuming energy, while Bild, the number one German tabloid advised Germans not to take baths every day. In other terms, Őry explains, Germany is already facing difficulties in energy supply. What is even more frightening, she continues, is the prospect of people dying in the Ukraine war for who knows how many months or even years. She suspects that President Joe Biden doesn’t mind if Europe is crippled by the war, “but we do”, she adds. She believes negotiations are the only realistic way out of the conflict, where all sides are doomed to lose.

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