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Media criticized on both sides

April 15th, 2022

A liberal pundit castigates the opposition-leaning media for failing to fulfil its primary democratic function. A pro-government commentator calls on the state television to abandon its biased and sectarian reporting.

On Telex, András Pethő criticizes the independent media and journalists for not publishing enough in-depth investigative reporting. The liberal commentator calls on his colleagues to invest time in proper investigative journalism. In defence of democracy, independent journalists should publish data-rich pieces both on government and opposition politicians rather than the current diet of cynical and mocking commentaries, Pethő writes.

In a Facebook post, Magyar Demokrata columnist Gábor Bencsik calls the reporting on M1 public service television biased and ‘untenable’. It is time to acknowledge, the conservative pundit asserts, that the state television has become one-sided and basically excludes opposition politicians and views. After the landslide victory of Fidesz, it is high time to reform the state media and make it more balanced, so that it serves the whole country including the voters of the opposition, Bencsik concludes.

In an unsigned comment in reaction to Mr Bencsik’s remarks, hirado.hu, the public media website rejects Bencsik’s views, arguing that opposition politicians often refuse to be interviewed on public television. The author also refers to Bencsik’s ‘past connection with a Soros-financed foundation’ and his job at the nationwide women’s weekly Nők Lapja under communism.