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A left-wing take on the Left’s defeat

April 21st, 2022

A leftist analyst describes PM Orbán’s fourth consecutive landslide electoral victory as a historic setback for the Left.

In Népszava, veteran political scientist Attila Ágh believes that Hungary will not be able to rid itself of the incumbent government until it sends its current leaders packing. The elections on 3 April, he writes, have shown the total intellectual bankruptcy of the leaders and parties of the left. Completely new formations must be created, Ágh suggests, because the leaders of the existing ones will stifle any renewal within their own parties. He hopes Momentum may perhaps become a basis for such a renewal. The political scientist, who used to be an advisor to the Socialist Party in the 1990s, also thinks that Hungary lacks a proper conservative party as well, since he finds Fidesz too radical. But a conservative renewal will only be possible after a left-wing one, and a consequent left-wing victory at the elections, Ágh asserts.

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