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A left-wing critique of the opposition

April 28th, 2022

A former MP and founder of the green-left-wing LMP party attributes the electoral defeat of the opposition to liberal intellectuals who advocate what he disparagingly calls neoliberal ideologies and the import of progressive identity politics.

In a Facebook response to Róbert Puzsér’s analysis of the election results and the future strategy of the opposition (see BudaPost April 25), anti-globalist left-wing lawyer András Schiffer calls for the Left to stop following left-wing liberal intellectuals. Schiffer believes that the opposition can only challenge Fidesz if it starts to ignore the left-wing liberal intelligentsia that has, in his view, hijacked the Left’s agenda. Schiffer accuses left-wing liberal intellectuals of elitism and ignoring the interests and values of everyday Hungarians. Schiffer also lambasts them for uncritically supporting former PM Gyurcsány, embracing global capitalist neoliberal economics, ‘unscrupulously bowing to the demands of foreign powers’ and importing a progressive woke identity politics that alienates most voters.