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Takes on the Ukraine war and the world order

March 29th, 2022

An outspoken pro-government columnist accuses the US of deliberately engineering the Ukraine war in order to maintain its global hegemony. A left-wing commentator thinks that the EU, Russia and Ukraine will all pay a high price for the war.

Magyar Nemzet’s Zsolt Bayer, in a comment on President Zelensky’s call on Prime Minister Orbán to cease trading with Russia and send weapons to Ukraine, (see BudaPost March 26) agrees with the Hungarian government that Hungary should stay out of the war while offering humanitarian help. As for the broader geopolitical implications, Bayer thinks that the Ukraine war is the result of US efforts to divide Eurasia in order to maintain US global hegemony. The pro-government columnist recalls a remark by Zbigniew Brzezinski who pointed out as early as 1994 that close cooperation between the European powers and Russia could jeopardize the hegemony of the US. The former National Security Advisor (to Jimmy Carter) called on Washington to keep its allies on a tight leash to hinder their cooperation with Russia. Bayer also claims that the 2014 Ukrainian orange revolution was financed by the US with the aim of weakening Russia. Apart from all this, he predicts that that the war will be devastating for Ukraine, Russia and the EU, while ‘the US will laugh up its sleeve’.

In Népszava, Gábor Horváth also believes that the war will have deep implications for Ukraine, Russia and the EU. The left-wing pundit predicts that Ukraine will need years if not a decade to rebuild what remains of it after the war. Russia will lose important markets and face economic decline as well as increasing internal repression, Horváth suspects. Europe will be hit hard as it must now replace Russian energy with more expensive alternatives and will also need to spend significantly more on its military, Horváth adds. He concludes by noting that in a more closely knit NATO, Hungary will need to ‘embrace basic democratic values’, and cannot cooperate with the enemy, by which Horváth means Russia.

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