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Analyst predicts Fidesz victory

March 24th, 2022

On the website of the number one liberal weekly, an expert suggest that Fidesz is more likely to win the elections in 10 days’ time than it has ever been over the past year.

On hvg online, liberal analyst Dániel Róna finds it extremely improbable for the opposition to win the 55 individual constituencies that constitute the bare minimum to gain a majority of votes in Parliament after the elections on April 3. (106 of the 199 seats in Parliament are filled by the winners of individual constituencies, while the remainder are allotted to parties according to the votes cast for their national lists.) As he sees it, the united opposition can now count on winning 30 of those seats with another 16 up for grabs, while Fidesz can reasonably hope to pocket the remaining 60 constituencies. All in all, Róna predicts however that the incumbent government cannot expect to win over two thirds of the mandates as it has at the last three elections. He doubts if even a major moral scandal could reverse these trends within the 10 days that are left until the elections.

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