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PM Orbán calls for peace in Ukraine

February 2nd, 2022

On the day of Prime Minister Orbán’s visit to Moscow, a conservative commentator welcomes the Hungarian government’s efforts to de-escalate the Ukraine crisis, and stay out of the – for now –  diplomatic conflict between the US and Russia.

Mandiner’s Mátyás Kohán agrees with the Hungarian government that Hungary should try to stay out of the diplomatic war between the US and Russia, and advocate the de-escalation of the Ukraine crisis.  The conservative commentator underscores that there is no war yet, only warmongering, which he sees in particular on the US side. Kohán adds that before his meeting with Russian President Putin in Moscow on Tuesday, Prime Minister Orbán consulted the NATO leadership. Kohán wonders if those in the Hungarian opposition who lambast Prime Minister Orbán for visiting Moscow are also outraged that US Foreign Secretary Anthony Blinken had several conversations with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.


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