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Márki-Zay depicted as a foreign agent

February 5th, 2022

The leading pro-government daily accuses the opposition frontrunner of ‘collusion with foreign actors’. The paper claims that Márki-Zay’s movement as well as pro-opposition NGOs and journalists are financed by foreign sources who promote globalist and pro-migration views.

In Magyar Nemzet, László Szőcs fears that foreign actors disguised as NGOs will interfere with the Hungarian election on the side of the opposition. The pro-government commentator notes that in Russia, organizations and media outlets that are financed from abroad and serve foreign interests are legally defined as ‘foreign agents’. Szőcs thinks that opposition frontrunner Márki-Zay’s movement is also supported by foreign activists and media outlets that are financed by George Soros, the European Union and other actors who want to promote migration and global interests. Szőcs goes so far as to claim that in the April election, the same actors will pay journalists to help the opposition in its quest for power. Szőcs, is nevertheless confident that ‘foreign mercenaries’ will fail to tip the balance in the election.

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