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Opposition ‘should prove it can govern’

January 28th, 2022

An independent but opposition-leaning pundit lambasts the leaders of the opposition for still not coming forward with a consistent government program.

On Index, Róbert Puzsér finds it discouraging that just over two months before the election, the opposition is still unable to tell the electorate how it plans to govern if it wins power. He deems it ridiculous that they buy giant poster space just to say that they will keep the border fence and the cap on utility tariffs because that amounts to praising Fidesz’s governance. True, he continues, the opposition is hard on the government when it comes to corruption. It is high time, however, to explain to the public how they would be less corrupt once in government. Puzsér also calls on opposition frontrunner Péter Márki-Zay to show behaviour worthy of a true statesman and show that he is fit to govern, by not confining himself to fomenting lust for revenge but putting forward a vision and a programme. Time is running out, Puzsér warns.

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