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Márki-Zay’s Sunday live stream criticised

January 11th, 2022

A left-wing analyst fears that the opposition candidate for Prime Minister is further harming his chances by frequently speaking in public.

Mandiner features a Facebook post by left-wing political analyst Attila Tibor Nagy who warns that  Márki-Zay’s latest live address on Sunday did nothing to dispel doubts about his leadership skills, with elections due in less than three months. The opposition frontrunner spent ninety minutes complaining about accusations levelled at him from the government side and his difficulties with his own allies, Nagy remarks and suggests that he would do better to concentrate on his own positive messages. The analyst also reproaches Márki-Zay for his repeated hints at supposed enemies within the opposition alliance and his casual remarks on sensitive topics. (The opposition candidate said, for example, that there are Jews among the Fidesz people, although not many’ and there is one, in particular, whom he holds in high esteem.) All in all, Nagy concludes, Márki-Zay’s Sunday addresses do more harm than good because ‘instead of showing strength, they disclose the problems of the opposition and his own weaknesses.’

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