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Márki Zay calls pro-government journalists ’handicapped’

January 26th, 2022

The opposition frontrunner is criticised for his inadvertent use of sensitive terms.

In Magyar Nemzet, Miklós Novák attributes‘Márki-Zay’s frequent gaffes to his exaggerated ambition to attract public attention. He feels personally offended by Márki-Zay’s statement that journalists working for pro-government platforms may be mentally ‘handicapped’. But his main problem is that using the term ‘handicapped’ in a disparaging sense is an offense to those who genuinely suffer from a handicap. Politics can be a dirty business, he writes, but certain themes should be treated with respect, he concludes.

On Azonnali, Ádám Fekő understands what Márki-Zay wanted to say, namely that people working for pro-government outlets must be unintelligent if they believe what they write. His intention was certainly not to offend mentally handicapped people. But he should have chosen his words more carefully to express what he had in mind, Fekő writes.