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Left-wing activist passes away

January 6th, 2022

A conservative commentator finds it shocking that some commentators on social media rejoice over the death of Gergely Homonnay, a left-wing activist, while others spread crazy speculations that he was murdered by the government.

On January 1st, the writer Gergely Homonnay, who also worked as an activist of the Democratic Coalition was found dead in the Turkish bath of a gay bar in Italy. The Italian police reported that they found illicit drugs on the spot. Csaba Czeglédy, the opposition candidate in the city of Szombathely, suggested that Homonnay feared for his life as someone who believed he was ‘in the way of the government’. Some left-wing bloggers and commentators have suggested that Homonnay was murdered by the Hungarian secret services.

Mandiner’s Mátyás Kohán finds nauseating and shocking ugly comments on social media celebrating the tragic death of a government critic, as well as what he regards as lunatic conspiracy theories that he was murdered for his political views. Taken together, he suggests, such extreme views clearly indicate that Hungarian public life has become a morbid joke.