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Former National Bank President predicts restrictions 

January 8th, 2022

György Surányi, who served as President of the National Bank under a socialist-liberal government in the 1990s, sees monetary and fiscal restrictions as necessary. A pro-government economist dismisses the suggestion and accuses Surányi of serving foreign interests.

In an interview with Radio Free Europe, former National Bank President György Surányi accuses the government of mindless spending and the National Bank of overstimulating the economy. Surányi thinks that the government wants to buy votes. As a result, the public debt as well as inflation will rise further, Surányi calculates. He goes on to predict that after the April parliamentary election, the government will realize that it will have to cut spending in order to contain inflation.

In Magyar Nemzet, Imre Boros surmises that György Surányi serves ‘foreign interests’. The pro-government economist claims that Surányi follows a ‘left-wing liberal globalist’ ideology and sees restrictive fiscal and monetary policy as the cornerstone of economic planning. Boros suspects that Surányi’s views reflect the ideas of the opposition parties, who would immediately introduce restrictions if elected.

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