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Budapest to host CPAC in March

January 29th, 2022

As plans to hold the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Budapest are confirmed, a pro-government columnist asserts that the governance model built by Fidesz is gathering support among Christian conservatives in the West.

Magyar Nemzet’s László Szőcs starts his comment by comparing the opinions of the New York Times to the assessment of Fox News host Tucker Carlson about Hungary. The New York Times wrote a few weeks ago that the Hungarian model has become a point of reference for the right wing in the United States and Europe alike, while the conservative American TV host has made a documentary praising the Hungarian government. He quotes Rod Dreher, a well-known US Christian writer, one of a series of conservative American personalities who visited Hungary last year, as saying that ‘in this country the natural order of things has been preserved’, unlike in America where Christian believers are ‘squeezed out of public life by gender ideology’. The Conservative Political Action Conference of conservative activists and elected officials from the United States and beyond to be held in Budapest in March, is interpreted by Szőcs as additional proof of the attraction Western conservatives feel towards the Hungarian model. By contrast, he writes, the representatives of the left-wing opposition only parrot the ideas of their Western counterparts, and nobody would consider them as a point of reference in the West. Szőcs likens them to karaoke singers performing ‘Hallelujah’ in a nightclub, who think they are Leonard Cohen.

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