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Márki-Zay asks Gyurcsány not to campaign

December 16th, 2021

A pro-government commentator doesn’t believe that Márki-Zay can silence Ferenc Gyurcsány. On the contrary, she remains convinced that the opposition frontrunner is the DK leader’s pawn.

In a Facebook post, DK chairman Ferenc Gyurcsány announced that the opposition candidate for Prime Minister had asked him not to campaign, and replied: ‘Aye,aye, Captain!’ Márki-Zay admitted that he wouldn’t find it profitable if Mr Gyurcsány campaigned in any of the individual constituencies in favour of opposition candidates in the runup for next April’s election. He also asked Mr Gyurcsány not to call him /sarcastically/ ‘Captain’.

In Magyar Hírlap, political analyst Dóra Nagy is persuaded that the real leader of the opposition is the uniquely divisive Ferenc Gyurcsány, while Márki-Zay is just his puppet. All the fuss about their conflict is just a sham, she claims. Nagy doesn’t believe that someone without a party, ‘even if with suspicious American ties’ can be the real Number One within the opposition. She also suggests that Márki-Zay is mentally unstable. Of the parties of the opposition alliance, she writes, the Democratic Coalition founded and led by Mr Gyurcsány is the only strong and organised one and will have the highest number of MPs in the future Parliament. They only need a ‘shop-window monkey’ upfront, and they ‘call him Captain’.

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