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Liberal pollster finds Fidesz ahead of opposition

December 31st, 2021

A veteran liberal public opinion expert confirms earlier reports which depicted the opposition as too preoccupied with infighting rather than jointly campaigning, barely three months ahead of the next parliamentary election.

In hvg online, Endre Hann, the founder of Median polling company, publishes the results of his latest survey which gives Fidesz a 5 percent lead over the united opposition. Another striking novelty is that both the Twin Tailed Dog Party, a group poking fun at politics in general, and the radical right-wing Our Homeland party, would easily pass the 5 per cent parliamentary threshold if elections were to be held now. In October, Median measured the opposition as slightly ahead of Fidesz, and its director attributes the change in public mood to infighting within the opposition. The six opposition parties, he suggests, have still not reconciled themselves to Peter Márki-Zay, an outsider who was elected candidate for Prime Minister during the October opposition primary. Hann thinks opposition politicians are more passionate about criticising the front-runner than about supporting each other. As a result, he writes, only one third of potential opposition voters are confident about their side’s victory at the election in April. All in all, almost two thirds of the electorate expect Fidesz to stay in power, he writes.

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